Inventory Management

Manage WIP & FG inventory quantities and costs across yards

Inventory Tracking

Accurate Inventory Management

Generate WIP or FG Inventory tags to track shippable material.

Inventory tag QR codes are scanned into a Packing List.

Cost Tracking

Real-time inventory cost tracking

ReMatter utilizes a weighted average acquisition cost for real-time data on the cost to purchase your material.

View acquisition costs and COGs across facilities and materials.

Interyard Inventory Management

Manage quantities and costs across yards

Easily transfer WIP & FG inventory from one yard to another.

Material acquisition costs automatically transfer to the material at the receiving yard.

Catalytic Converters Purchase

Catalytic converter piece counts

Manage catalytic converter serial numbers and piece counts separate from your main inventory.

Track whole, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 piece converter pieces that are ready to be sold.

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